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Fashion in Orange Eye's <3

‘Those 90’s Vibes’ August 02 2016

This coming season you’ll be feeling those fashion throw backs.

You’re going to be seeing block neutrals and a lot of them, which is fantastic because these clean, rich neutrals are the basis of any stylish wardrobe. You can mix them with a vibrant spring print, however don’t be afraid to pair together for an elegant combination. Take inspiration from our fashion muses like Miranda Kerr, Kate Hudson and Kendall Jenner. This is a timeless, understated look!!

Colours/Tones to look out for –

-          Tan

-          Camel

-          Blush

-          White

-          Beige

-          Grey

Be sure if you’re pairing neutrals together to break it up for a bit of contrast in your outfit!


Introducing Summer Salt Body! March 18 2016

We are just so excited to introduce the Melbourne born company SUMMER SALT BODY to the Orange Sherbet family!!

As self –confessed animals lovers, these salty babes game plan is to create natural body products which are inspired by their lifestyle. Chemical free, cruelty free and organic where possible, none of their products have been tested on animals!!!


The products have an ingredients list that isn’t going to wreck your brain and are made from the most natural and organic ingredients they can lay their hands on. All their products are created with a base of sea salt and coconut oil, and the salt scrubs consist only of Himalayan salts, Celtic Sea Salts, sugars, and essential oils. Which means NO NASTIES or PRESERVATIVES.

Rich vitamins and minerals within each individual product assist in reducing dryness and inflammation, maintaining moisture balance, relieving stress, making your skin fresher and healthier. Smelling as fresh as summer all year round has never been so inviting.

We are currently stocking flavours your either want to eat or drink
- Coconut & Lime
- Strawberry
- Coffee
- Pink Grapefruit

With more to come!!! Come in store or buy online. Spoil someone or better yet, YOURSELF!!!

We love everything they are about and can’t wait to get in more of their products!!

Summer Salt Body

Oil Rigger Jeans Are A Must Have!! March 09 2016

If one item is a must have this season, then it’s a pair of Oil Rigger Wet Look Jeans!! These shiny, super soft, stunningly beautiful and stretchy jeans sculpt the body and accentuate the figure with its quality fit. These jeans really are super awesome for a dressy or casual occasion! Keep it simple with pairing a cute top or layer it up as the weather starts to get cooler. If you want to show off what your mama gave you, then these jeans are definitely the right pick for you.

Celebs ROCKING the Oil Rigger Look!!!  

Wet look on trend..

Celebrities Oil Rigger Jeans

Refuge Oil Rigger Jeans - $69.95

Refuge Oil Rigger Jeans

Are you a Boho LOVER? September 04 2014

Spring is here and the Boho look is in full swing!! Maxi's, Kaftan's and gorgeous bold colourful prints are starting to roll into the store. Easy to wear for any occasion and the Boho look simply look stunning on anyone. Boho is a timeless fashion and is extremely popular with Celebrities like Nicole Ritchie, Black Lively and the Olsen twins.


Celebrities LOVING the Boho look!!!

Orange Sherbet's gorgeous Boho pieces NOW AVAILABLE instore and online!!